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Waverley Private Hospital, Wangaratta Private Hospital specialist Caroline Dowling

Dr Caroline Dowling

MS FACS (Urol)

Caroline offers a premium service with minimum delay to appointment time.

Dr Caroline Dowling is a consultant urologist with a subspecialty interest in Functional Urology. Caroline graduated from the University of Melbourne, trained in the Victorian system to gain her FRACS (Urol) and completed post fellowship training in neuro-urology and continence at Royal Melbourne Hospital and Urogynaecology at Monash Health.

She has a post graduate research degree and is the Clinical Director of Urology at Eastern Health. Functional Urology encompasses incontinence in men and women and includes counselling and surgery for stress urinary incontinence in women.

Caroline has substantial experience in the management of overactive bladder, which results in urge incontinence and can be very disabling. There are many therapies beyond medication about which she is expert! She is passionate about helping patients achieve a marked improvement in their quality of life. She manages pelvic organ prolapse and also patients with neurological disorders, such as MS and Parkinsons, with continence issues. She practices general urology with fervour in the public and private sector and likes to manage men with LUTS and BPH with both traditional and more minimally invasive surgical techniques and has great interest in urinary tract stone disease.

Her principle consulting rooms are at Metropolitan Urology, Box Hill and Malvern and she operates regularly at Waverley and Wangaratta Private Hospital. She offers a direct service for patients with microhaematuria such that they go direct to flexible local anaesthetic cyctoscopy without delay. She also will offer direct access urodynamics.

She offers a premium service with minimal delay to appointment time. Please call her rooms or contact her directly on the call service 03 9387 1000.

General Urology - stones and LUTS Stress Urinary incontinence in females Complex incontinence in both males and females Video-urodynamic studies Overactive bladder