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Wangaratta Private Hospital to debut leading robotic technology

Mar 01, 2022

Wangaratta Private Hospital has brought state-of-the-art robotic technology to north-eastern Victoria, investing in the region’s first Mako Stryker robot which is designed to offer an alternative surgical option for patients.

The Mako system is an advanced, surgeon-controlled, robotic arm designed to increase the accuracy of knee and hip replacements.

Four of Wangaratta Private Hospital’s orthopaedic surgeons have been specially trained to use the technology, including Dr Richard Kjar.

Dr Kjar is looking forward to using the device following the resumption of non-urgent elective surgery in Victoria.

“The Mako system robot allows north-east Victorians to access contemporary, innovative, precise and accurate joint replacement surgery close to home,” Dr Kjar said.

“I’m proud that Wangaratta Private Hospital is the first hospital in the region to introduce the use of a Mako robot in orthopaedic surgery.

“The Mako Stryker robot offers the surgeon an opportunity to pre-plan, intra-operatively adjust and then make bone cuts in joint replacement surgery with great accuracy and precision. This is designed to result in less soft tissue trauma and a better fitting and more balanced joint.

“This is exciting technology, and although amazing in its own right, also offers potential in the future for more development in more advanced and complex prosthesis design and implantation.”

Wangaratta Private Hospital CEO Rhys Jones said Wangaratta Private Hospital has had a strong association with orthopaedic surgery, with local surgeons providing high quality orthopaedic services for more than 25 years.

“I’m excited to continue our role as a leader in orthopaedic surgery in regional Victoria. By offering the region’s first Mako Stryker robot, more local patients can receive advanced orthopaedic surgery without having to travel to Melbourne or Sydney,” Mr Jones said.

“We’re excited to be leading the way in bringing robotic technology to this region.”

Wangaratta Private Hospital to debut leading robotic technology